CARPEM is an Integrated Cancer Research Site (SIte de Recherche Intégrée sur le Cancer – SIRIC) focused on the development of new personalized cancer treatments while working on prevention.

SIRIC were established by the National Cancer Institute (INCa). The SIRIC label of our the CARPEM program is an acknowledgement of the excellence of cancer research of our research and clinic teams that have significant expertise in translational research. Translational research is essential to make the link between basic research (basic mechanisms)
and clinical research (medical application).

To achieve our goals, we gathered the oncology strengths of 3 major AP-HP hospitals
(Georges Pompidou, Cochin and Necker).

CARPEM SIRIC brings together 350 doctors and researchers dedicated to care and research.

To promote

To accelerate
translational research in cancerology

21 research teams
11 clinical teams
8 platforms

The 3 programs

Prog 1:

Metabolism, Genetics,
Immunity & Environment

The first challenge is to integrate metabolism in its broad sense, ranging from risk factors related to the lifestyle (physical inactivity, obesity, eating habits…) to molecular mechanisms induced in tumor cells or immune cells…

Prog 2:

Cancer heterogeneity : a challenge for patient management

The second challenge consists in the comprehensive study of tumors heterogeneity which plays an important role in cancer treatment resistance and constitutes the next frontier for developing an effective precision medicine…

Prog 3:

Dynamic consent
and health democracy

This program addresses technical, clinical and ethical challenges of integration and sharing of data generated on a large scale by the technical advances implemented in both research and healthcare. This essential step requires the adherence of patients and their families to become active players in cancer research…


Clinical activities

We federate 10 clinical teams from 3 major Parisian hospitals (HEGP, Cochin and Necker) that work on a large spectrum of cancers…

Scientific activities

21 research teams working in the most famous Parisian institutes are dedicated to research against cancer…


CARPEM supports and sets up technological platforms that facilitate the collaborative work of our clinical and scientific teams…