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The CARPEM (CAncer Research for Personalized Medicine) is an integrated cancer research site (SIRIC) accredited by the French National Cancer Institute (INCa) since 2012. It brings together the fundamental, translational and clinical oncology research expertise of the Institut du Cancer Paris CARPEM, the first APHP’s Comprehensive Cancer Center accredited by the OECI. We are developing precision medicine in the field of adult solid and hematological tumors, with the ambition of improving the care of cancer patients. During our first 2 mandates, we set up a recognized translational research program, with the integration of some of our results into international clinical practice guidelines.

Our new research project entitled « CARPEM: CAncer Research in multiple dimensions to accelerate PrEcision Medicine » brings together 22 research teams, 12 clinical teams and 10 technology platforms.

The SIRIC label: a recognition of excellence in the field cancer research

The Integrated Cancer Research Sites have been accredited by INCa since 2012 for a period of 5 years. Their aim: provide new operational conditions to translational cancer research, in order to optimize and accelerate the production of knowledge and promote its dissemination and application in cancer treatment. The SIRICs are funded by INCa, DGOS and Inserm on behalf of AVIESAN’s ITMO Cancer.
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8 SIRICs are labeled in France for the 2023-2027 period