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The CARPEM program brings together  23 research teams and 11 teams of clinicians – about 350 researchers and full-time physicians. The allocated budget is used to support emerging programs of integrated research, upgrade dedicated technology platforms, strengthen links between research teams, promote clinical annotation of tissue samples and the analysis of massive data generated by the program.

Within the CARPEM program, the research teams maintain close links with the teams of clinicians. Together, they have developed a solid expertise in the treatment of cancer on a variety of locations, and more particularly digestive tumors, lung tumors, ENT cancers, kidney cancers, endocrine and hematological cancers.

For many years, CARPEM members have been orientating their efforts towards more integrated research, from bench to bedside. They have demonstrated their ability to produce results in translational research, which has already changed care giving to cancer patients in the past few years. They have developed institutional and industrial partnerships at national and international level. Most of the physicians participating in the project are integrated into research units.

Clinical activities

We federate 10 clinical teams from 3 major Parisian hospitals (HEGP, Cochin and Necker) that work on a large spectrum of cancers.

Scientific activities

21 research teams working in the most famous Parisian institutes are dedicated to research against cancer.


CARPEM supports and sets up technological platforms that facilitate the collaborative work of our clinical and scientific teams.