Paris Cancer Institute : CARPEM

Paris Cancer Institute: CARPEM

The Paris Cancer Institute: CARPEM - towards Comprehensive Cancer Center accreditation

The Paris Cancer Institute: CARPEM

In order to structure and to improve in a constant effort clinical activities, research and teaching for better care of cancer patients, the APHP.Centre – University of Paris hospital-university group and SIRIC CARPEM create the Paris Cancer Institute CARPEM.

The objectives of this new organization are:

  • To structure the offer of cancer care within APHP.Centre-University of Paris
  • To increase the quality of care, research and care/research interactions
  • To improve our national and international visibility in a competitive field
  • To participate in a European network and to be able to respond, as a Centre, to calls for tenders.

At the head of this new institute dedicated to cancer, Prof. Pierre Laurent-Puig (Director), Prof. Marie Wislez (Co-Director) and Hélène Cart-Grandjean (Operational Director) have defined 28 programs in oncology in which the clinical part, the research organized since 2012 in SIRIC (integrated cancer research site) labeled by the INCA, and teaching are integrated. These 28 thematic programs define the scope of the Paris Cancer Institute CARPEM.

The Institute's first challenge: to obtain European accreditation as a "Comprehensive Cancer Center".

The Organisation of European Cancer Institutes (OECI) is an international non-profit organisation whose mission is to give all European cancer patients the opportunity to receive the best care available. The OECI’s Comprehensive Cancer Center accreditation certifies excellence in the quality of care provided to cancer patients.

Obtaining this recognition will allow the Paris Cancer Institute CARPEM to be part of a dynamic of excellence thanks to a continuous improvement process that enables it to reach the highest standards.

The 4 steps of accreditation:

1 - The application for accreditation
Completed in January 2020
2 - Self-evaluation
Current 2020
3 - Visit of OECI experts
4 - Control and monitoring for 5 years

The Paris Cancer Institute CARPEM could be the first University Hospital Center to be labeled “Comprehensive Cancer Center”. Thus, it would position itself internationally as a very high level Institute, in terms of the care of cancer patients, with the legitimacy to respond to European calls for tenders with ambitious projects.

The Paris Cancer Institute CARPEM in a few numbers

Year 2018

Organizational chart

The Paris Cancer Institute CARPEM: who are we ?

The clinic

The various clinical specialties and support functions gather all the oncology activities of the APHP.Centre-Université de Paris university hospital group, including in particular the activities of the Cochin, european Georges Pompidou and Necker hospitals.


The research

The research programme is based on SIRIC CARPEM’s existing program since 2012. SIRIC CARPEM’s program is based on three research axes: “Metabolism, genetics, immunity and cancer”, “Cancer and heterogeneity: a challenge for patient care”, “Dynamic consent and health democracy”.

The 28 programs of the Paris Cancer Institute CARPEM and their managers

  • Urologic Oncology: Prof. Stéphane Oudard
  • Medical and paramedical education and training: Prof. Jérôme Alexandre
  • Digestive cancers: Prof. Julien Taïeb
  • Cutaneous cancers: Prof. Selim Aractingi
  • Lung cancers: Prof. Marie Wislez
  • Gynaecological cancers: Prof. Anne-Sophie Bats
  • Genomic of tumors: Prof. Michaëla Fontenay
  • Palliative Care: Dr Pascale Vinant
  • Health Democracy: Prof. Marie-France Mamzer
  • Radiotherapy: Prof. Philippe Giraud
  • Diagnostic Imaging: Prof. Marie-Pierre Revel
  • Cardio-oncology: Prof. Mariana Mirabel
  • Endocrine cancers: Prof. Guillaume Assié
  • Pharmaceutics cancer: Dr Birgitte Sabatier
  • Breast cancer: Prof. Anne-Sophie Bats
  • Pharmacogenetics, pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacovigilance (4P): Dr. Benoit Blanchet
  • Screening: Prof. Christophe Cellier
  • Immunology of cancers: Prof. Eric Tartour
  • Preservation of fertility: Prof. Catherine Patrat
  • Geriatric Oncology: Prof. Elena Paillaud
  • Early phase trials: Prof. Jacques Medioni
  • Biobanking: Prof. Benoit Terris
  • Sarcoma cancer: Prof. François Goldwasser
  • Head and neck cancers: Prof. Cécile Badoual
  • Haematology: Prof. Didier Bouscary
  • Interventional Radiology: Dr. Olivier Pellerin
  • Artificial intelligence in oncology: Prof. Anita Burgun
  • Oncogenetics: Prof. Anne-Paule Giménez-Roqueplo