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[ National Cancer Week] Focus on the objectives of the CARPEM3 project

On the occasion of the National Cancer Week, we invite you to discover our new research project entitled “CARPEM3: CAncer Research in multiple dimensions to accelerate Precision Medicine”

Focus on the general strategy of SIRIC CARPEM.

 Our general strategy is based on the multidimensional analysis of cancer patients. The objective is to integrate both care-generated and research-generated datasets, using the most innovative technologies, to obtain a meta-dimensional (Meta-D) characterization of tumors. 
This research project, which federates 22 research teams and 12 clinical teams of the Institut du Cancer Paris CARPEM, is structured around 3 integrated research programs:

  • 1. Multiscale approaches to tumors to identify factors impacting patient survival
  • 2. Implementation of biomarkers in the clinic – from single marker to composite marker
    3. Implementation of a program involving patients and their relatives to promote their involvement in translational research programs

The implementation of these research programs is guided by the following objectives

  • – improve patient management, better define prognosis and identify new therapeutic targets 
    – accelerate the application of discoveries in care 
    – strengthen the involvement of patients in translational research and their interaction with physicians and researchers