Measurement of resting energy expenditure, a tool for predicting sensitivity to anti-cancer immunotherapy

F. Goldwasser’s team at Cochin Hospital has made an important discovery in the field of cancer immunotherapy.

This work, published in the Lancet journal of translational medicine eBIOMEDICINE, identifies a key cause of sensitivity or resistance to cancer immunotherapy and the means by which resistant patients can be made sensitive. This cause is resting energy expenditure, a tumor-independent, host-related factor, which requires reintegration of the patient as a whole for oncology analysis.

Thus, the measurement of resting energy expenditure by indirect calorimetry appears to be a prognostic and predictive tool of the sensitivity to anti-cancer immunotherapy in lung cancer patients.

This discovery constitutes a major advance in the management and treatment of patients. To date, this team is the only one to routinely offer this measure to all its patients, and to be able to develop a randomized clinical trial to pursue this work.

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