Medical & paramedical education Program


Pr.Jérôme Alexandre
Physician, oncologist
Pr. Anne-Sophie Bats
Pr. Cécile Badoual
Physician Pathologist
Sophie Marrellec
Head Nurse

Steering Committee


The CARPEM Institute members attach a great importance to the training of paramedics collaborators and junior cancer physicians, including oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, biologists, radiologists…

Medical training of junior cancer physicians

Since 2014, the clinical oncology facilities of CARPEM Institute have hosted 164 medical residents: 82 who follow the medical or radiation oncology training (DES) and 82 who follow an oncology training focused on their primary speciality (gastroenterology, pneumology, dermatology, etc ….). The professors of CARPEM Institute are involved in the medical resident education, both at regional and national levels. Pr. K. Leroy and Pr J. Alexandre are members of the national oncology teachers’ board, while Pr. P. Giraud is coordinating the medical education of radiation oncologists in the Grand Paris area.

Scientific training of junior cancer physicians

A research experience is part of the formation of young cancer physicians and the CARPEM Institute strongly encourages them to obtain a master degree in science during their medical residency. This scientific policy leads to that 50% of our medical fellows in perimeter of CARPEM Institute have a Master of Science.

Furthermore a huge number of Paris Cancer Institute: CARPEM fellows have already obtained a PhD degree in basic science or are in the process of obtaining it. Since 2014, SIRIC CARPEM provided a 3 years PhD funding to 9 physicians  and pharmacists in one the SIRIC CARPEM research teams.

The PhD are in the perimeter of 3 PhD schools:  ED 561 Hématologie, Oncogenèse et Biothérapies (HOB),  ED 563 Médicament, Toxicologie, Chimie, Imageries « MTCI », ED562 Bio SorboneParis Cité (BioScp)

Continuous education of cancer physicians and nurses

CARPEM Institute members coordinated several continuous education programs, of whom 16 are University programs. Among these University programs, 12 are only for physicians, 3 for physicians and nurses and 2 only for nurses (Annex 1)

We proposed abroad internship in sisters institutions :

Foreigner student

We are welcoming foreigner students in our hospitals and our research centers by student hosting agreements.

The education program of the CARPEM Cancer Institute will be focus in two directions:

  • Facilitation of the diffusion of scientific training of junior cancer physicians

The objective is to encourage more junior cancer physicians to perform a scientific training (masters, PhD in science) within SIRIC CARPEM research teams.

To help junior physicians to better understand the key issues in cancer research, we plan to organize monthly multidisciplinary seminars bringing together an expert physician with a basic researcher. They will be recorded and broadcasted in a Youtube channel.

Several factors limit the young physicians for the realization of a master or a PhD within SIRIC CARPEM research teams, among them the lack of knowledge of research topics, the difficulties in meeting researchers or obtaining financial support. We will organize every 6 months a “meet your researcher” meeting in which SIRIC CARPEM researchers will present their main topics and answer to young physicians. A session will be focused on “how to find a financial support”.  During this meeting, a prize for the best Master’s thesis of the previous year will be awarded.

  • The continuous education of nurses and heath care professionals

The objective is to improve skills of nurses and others professionals in the comprehensive cancer cares.Beyond the benefit for patients, we want to improve the job satisfaction of these professionals and improve the attractiveness of CARPEM Institute clinical units for new professionals.


This program will be provided by online courses (MOOC) and will include medical sessions (new cancer treatments, standards of care for most frequent cancers), special sessions to present the work of others professionals (technicians in clinical research, pathology or molecular biology) and sessions dedicated to nurse cares (for example, how to use central venous access, auto-control morphine pomp…).

This MOOC need the collaboration of nurse managers, physicians and computer scientists.

Several members have the experience of MOOC, having participated in the realization of one devoted to the diagnostic of cancer (

Annex 1: Continuous education programs for physicians and/or nurses organized by Paris Cancer institute: CARPEM members in University of Paris and others institutions 

ProgramsMedical directorTarget
University programs
Digestive oncologyPr J TaiebPhysicians
Genitourinary oncologyPr S OudardPhysicians
Robotic gynecologic surgeryPr AS BatsPhysicians
Sarcoma and soft tissue tumorsPr P AnractPhysicians
Ethic and medical practicePr MF MamzerPhysicians
OncogeriatryPr E PaillaudPhysicians
Thoracic oncologyPr F Lepimpec-BarthesPhysicians
Gynecology oncologyPr AS BatsPhysicians
Onco-sexologyPr N ThiounnPhysicians
High technology Radiation therapyPr P GiraudPhysicians
Endocrine tumorsPr L GroussinPhysicians
Next generation sequencing and genetic diagnosisPr E PasmantPhysicians
Psycho-oncologyPr C DurduxNurses & Physicians
Palliative carePr ML ViallardNurses & Physicians
Research nursePr Treluyer and RavaudNurses
Others programs
Anticancer oral therapies (APHP)Pr S Oudard and Pr J AlexandreNurses
Yearly meeting on clinical pharmacology of anticancer drugs  in Cochin hospitalPr F Goldwasser and Dr B BlanchetPhysicians
Yearly meeting on gynecology oncology in HEGPPr AS BatsPhysicians
If you are interested by this program and want to candidate to a PhD, post doctoral position, contact the leader
Pr Jérome Alexandre

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